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Welcome to The kendallprojects Media & Design Company where we build your brand to grow your business.


We are glad you’re here…now how can we help you?

We dedicate ourselves to a wide range of video production services.

Our videos are user-friendly over all platforms and promise to engage any audience.

This includes specializing in documenting real estate property, live events, and creating dynamic footage for marketing material, film and music videos. Our video editing service provides a breadth of experience spanning over 20 years.


Below are a series of videos that show you what we offer and do for businesses and organizations like you.

Branding Assets

Can be a single digital asset such as a 30 second video spot for your company’s ad.

A set of creatives: And/ Or videos, graphics and photographs, are created for your company’s website, marketing, or social media platforms.

Finally, you can purchase a content package we create for your brand over a more extended period for brand exposure throughout the year.

All our video services are customized to your specific needs as a business or organization.

Our prices range from $500 to $10k+ depending on the scope of what you need and want.

It can be a set of quick videos shot in just a few hours or it can be an extensive shoot that takes place over the entire day.

It all depends on what your budget and needs are!

Click here to see what we’ve done for others like you!

We provide each musician with a consultation session. In which, we get to know you, your music, and the visual narrative we hope to create for you. We will produce a production schedule, a detailed plan, and a set of visuals (i.e., storyboards) that will guide the artist through the shooting and editing of their video.

We can create an original narrative for the music or adapt any idea the musician may have about what the song and images used in the final production.

We focus on aerial video and photography for business projects and events. We've got you covered if a full video production is not what you are looking for and you simply need raw video or photos for insurance purposes.

For a reasonable fee we will come out and shoot your property from the air and send you the images or footage to you within a few days.

ourwork and clients button.png

We had the pleasure of working with fantastic clients over the past several years and have been a part of growing their businesses through our services. Here is a look at their organizations and what we were able to create and accomplish for them.

Palmetto Aquatics

Columbia SC

One of our first and most influential clients was the best year-round competitive swim team in Columbia South Carolina, Palmetto Aquatics. Heath Edwards the owner and Head Coach of the team brought us on to rebrand the organization, manage and grow the team’s social media presence. In one year, our content creation, grew both the Facebook and Instagram account to over 1k followers, propelling the business part of the team to be sold to what is now known as Gamecock Aquatics. Here is some of the work that we did for them.

01CU Logo remastered A copy.png

Concept Unlimited Inc.

Columbia SC

Our most recent client is the leading manufacturer of custom commercial and architectural signage, ATM kiosks, and enhancements in the southeast United States.

During the initial six months of creating their content and promotional assets, we built out their complete Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and YouTube pages using a creative strategy representing the company's traditions over 40 years.

Check out what we created for them.

TWP Logo Anim final copy.png

The Wall Printer

Wilmington NC

One of the consulting opportunities that we had was working alongside the content creators for The Wall Printers in an effort to establish a system to attract more qualified leads for their growing business. Here are some examples of what we created for them as a guide to brand the business and grow a more significant following.

Hunting Creek FB Logo2021.png

Hunting Creek Swim & Racquet Club

Hopkins SC

After Heath Edwards of Palmetto Aquatics sold the team to move on to other ventures, he purchased Hunting Swim & Racquet to build on the traditions of that establishment. Heath brought us on again to design, create and implement the digital assets that would grow this institution for another 40 years. We rebranded the club and facilitated the membership growth back to what it was in the early days of the club, and it is on par to have record membership during the 2023 season.

This is just a glimpse of what we did for this business.

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